Consciousness and Vision

My goal is to bring some light into the mind of the viewer, ignite their desires, and evoke moments when their imagination awakens. I capture the moment, the first step that sets the direction of someone’s future. This visualization is immersed in the interplay of light and shadow. The awareness of who we are and how we want to continue to shape ourselves is captured in the series of paintings titled 'Beginning’.

The symbolic balloon – a light, ephemeral, and delicate form – requires care, attention, and vigilance. The vision in which we see ourselves in a certain way requires years of work, many sacrifices, and fulfillment is the final point of this winding road.

In my paintings, you are there, long ago, and today I ask you: at what stage is your desire? Have they been fulfilled or abandoned? In the face of dreams, regardless of the experience we have, we are at the starting point. We become explorers of ourselves, and courage helps us achieve our goal.