„The Horizon Cycle” is a story about the quest for self-discovery and desires, with a strength strong enough to make hidden desires achievable.

Horses symbolize desires, our visions for which we are willing to step out of our comfort zone and risk stability and safety. The moment of breaking free from constraining dependencies is likened to a solitary journey through the boundless waters of the ocean. I capture the moment of overcoming fear, where fulfillment awaits beyond the canvas frame.

This is how I interpret a fulfilled person, enriched by every moment of conquered fear, defied doubt, who is about to achieve the success rightfully hers. Horses ride towards the reward for courage – they gain freedom, which in my interpretation is liberation from unfulfilled ambition or attainment of happiness.SEE HOW I PAINT »


The paintings from the „Reflections” series are a record of views from Burano, an Italian island in the Venetian Lagoon, where each house tells a different story in color. Colorful houses and moored boats are reflected in the water’s surface, creating a distorted city in the rippling water.

I seek the extraordinary in nature, and I found this extraordinariness in the power of water.SEE HOW I PAINT »


For a long time, the theme of passion and the joy of experiencing it has been close to my heart. Dreaming is the most beautiful goal we set in childhood. The realization of a plan where dreams become reality is a challenging journey during which much can happen and change, including the goal itself. Many factors influence the realization of a dream: courage, diligence, and consistency. Thanks to determination, we remain steadfast, and our thoughts are focused in the right direction.


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