delfina olkowicz bio

Delfina Olkowicz Korczak (Warszawa, Poland, 1982)

A graduate of the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź(Poland), and also a graduate of the Wojciech Gerson State High School of Visual Arts in Warsaw. She specializes in acrylic and oil painting and is a representative
of figurative painting. In her paintings, she incorporates symbolism that gives her works deeper meanings. She creates three distinct thematic series. Among the most characteristic motifs are horses in turquoise water from the „Horizons” series, and the series of paintings titled „Beginning,” in which light and shadow are combined in a vision of fulfilled dreams. The third pillar of the artist’s art is paintings depicting mainly female figures submerged in water. The large-format paintings are rich in abstract, undulating, colorful forms. Delfina Olkowicz-Korczak has participated in both group and solo exhibitions. Her works are held in private collections in Poland and abroad, including Brussels and London.


Solo Exhibitions

Exhibition „Dreams”, painting exhibition, Gala Derby 2022 – Tor Służewiec Warsaw, Poland, 2022
Exhibition „Dreams” – Art Gallery Artellige, The Warsaw Hub, Warsaw, Poland, 2022
Exhibition „Dreams”, painting exhibition, Cavaliada, Kraków 2022, Poland
Exhibition „Reflections”, painting exhibition, The Warsaw Hub, Warsaw, Poland, 2022
Painting exhibition at Omni Office, Warsaw, Poland 2020
Exhibition „Moment”, painting exhibition, Gallery Aperia Design, Warsaw Poland, 2019
Exhibition „Horizons”, painting exhibition, INFINITI Center, Warsaw, Poland,  2019
Exhibition „Passion, Speed, Freedom”, painting exhibition, Warsaw, Poland, 2019


Group Exhibitions

Painting exhibition at ArtShow Kamienica Karskich Warsaw, Poland 2024
Painting exhibition „Unity”, Gallery Aperia Design, Warsaw, Poland 2018
Painting exhibition „Water and Tropic”, Gallery Aperia Design, Warsaw, Poland  2018
Exhibition „Vintage 2012”, graphics exhibition, Museum of Textiles, Łódź, Poland



Cover interview – Magazine Horse & Business, October 2022